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Enjoy a "behind the scenes" look at Premier Bride's recent Fashion Shoots!

Please enjoy our latest Idaho wedding magazine Special Online Edition which includes many features not available in the print version. It has many interactive features to help you easily navigate and find Idaho wedding professionals and the information you to plan the perfect Idaho wedding. If you still want something that you can take with you, dog-ear, and take all your notes in, do not fear... just pick up your free copy of the latest issue of Premier Bride Idaho bridal magazine. Either way, with Premier Bride by your side you'll have access to... a wealth of Boise wedding experts, bridal shower ideas, checklists for those easy to forget details, tips for attending Boise wedding shows, details for setting the wedding budget, dream honeymoon destinations, tips to protect your dress, invitation etiquette, and the list goes on and on. All in a purse sized format to keep with you during the entire planning process.

With Premier Bride you're off to a great start and a happy ever after!

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